choc tbCulinary team building is hot, and for good reason. Add chocolate to the mix and you can’t miss. Actually, our partner company TeamBonding is a widely recognized leader in this sort of thing. And the success of our Chocolate Team Building events was one of the big reasons DC Metro Chocolate Tours came to be.

We offer a world-class program called “The Chocolate Company Challenge” known for building morale among co-workers, increasing communication and innovation, and strengthening working relationships. This is a super fun way to energize a sales conference or retreat, or to simply reward your group for a job well done. The benefits in productivity will last long after the last chocolate has vanished!

As with all our team building events, these are highly customizable. Your own Chocolate Team building event might include tasty morsels like :

  • Full Contact Chocolate Bingo
  • Towering Chocolate
  • Bridge Over Chocolate Waters
  • Chocolate Trivia

We’ll add as much (or as little) friendly competition to the mix as you want. Of course, we can also blend in formal chocolate tasting or even truffle making into your Event. And remember – we are very, very good at producing these events in virtually any location served by an airport.

“THANK YOU!!! The event was a great success and all had lots of fun!!! The facilitators did a great job!!! Please do convey our thanks to the team! We definitely highly recommend! Thanks so much!”
I. M. – American Express

Note: Our Chocolate Making Workshops are also a great team building event.

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